Friday, July 8, 2011


omg there is SO MANY New things in AJ!!
first of all,tons of items going on clearance.
yes sadly everything in the coral canyons shop
freedom hat and freedom cape going to go out of stores!
the good news is,you get a gems bounus every time you log in(once a day though)you click spin,and then hope for something high,because each time you log in,it multiples by the next number! you will get 2x of it,then 3x of it!
now crystal sand's "new look!"they added water slides,a pet bath im guessing?(not open yet)and the juice hut looks a bit different on the outside! and here's three pictures of crystal sands!

pet bath place?
now for the new den items and clothes!
bat glasses are back and theres a member only astronaut  helmet!gee i don't know many animals who are astronauts...but then again,this is jamma,anything can happen!and a new water park den!

and theres more "beach things!"

and you may noticed that instead of,loading level,it now says loading room!

and also there is  new flags and a new game!the new game is mira says!and here are the flags!
this took an hour to put together!finally!well cya jammers!*whew*

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