Sunday, August 28, 2011


I was playing Fruit Slinger today and I noticed something unusual.....O-O

I was on level 3-2 I think and I knocked down all the blocks........but, there was still the phantom at the top!!! The phantom stayed and the blocks fell! The phantom was floating! Cool, aye? Well, I would've gotten a picture but, it got messed up.....>.< Sorry...
I don't know if it was SUPPOSE to float or not.......? Anyways, sorry for not getting the pic. I don't really think this is a GLITCH or if it has to do with loading........I don't know..But, I can't get on Aj, it won't load...DX

Thanks -Neko :3


  1. That happens sometimes... HI NEKO!

  2. yeah it's a glitch,and it happened to me once,it was annoying :D

  3. lol we commented at the same time

  4. NekoKitty! I found your glitch picture on the About me and NekoKitty page! Its at the bottom of it!
    Cooooolguy! Lol, we did I guess!

  5. Haha, wait, it's still there??? OH, I MEANT TO TAKE THAT OFF....ITS WAY TOO BIG AND IDK HOW TO CUT IT.....

    -Neko :3


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