Tuesday, August 23, 2011

make sure to be a jammer,and NOT a scammer!!

Hey jammers!There was alot of commotion about scammers the other day,and remember,be  jammer,NOT a scammer!Animal Jam used to be a peacful place,but now there are scammers,bars,clubs,dating,and hacking.This is just poison to jamma.lets all try to keep jamma a peaceful place for ALL jammers!I wish this would stop....
well JAM ON!
P.S I made another pet for the blog!(Just a pet not the mascot)Its a ginnie pig and its name is nibbles!(I hope it gets along with hurrikitty!:P Bye!


  1. Totally, I think we need to get Jammers to learn more from the places that teach, explore Jamaa and have a wild fun. And most importantly, be nice, no scamming, and all the other bad and gross stuff.

  2. Maybe I think we need to make a Jammers of Spirit Club to stop all badness, make more goodness...

    - GreenFun ( and the top one was mine )

  3. this guy said to check out this blog. nice dude

  4. who was the guy the guy who told me was duke fastwolf it think

  5. well if you wanna join you gotta make the pledge!(cooooolguy)blog owner.

  6. I feel you about the hackers, 8 of my best buds got hacked!


No cussing
respect other's opinions
no giving personal information
no being gross
no spamming!