Sunday, August 7, 2011

new land and what should it be called and be like?

as many of us know,grand futurewolf got and email from AJ HQ saying there would be a new animal and land in AJ,and lets hope this is accurate!if you could create the land,then what would it be like?
what games would there be in that mysterious land?
what kind of terrian would it be?like mountains muddy,icy,ancient?
what would the name be?
what shops would be in the land?
and if you could make ANY animal,what would it be?
i would make it a bald eagle.

and i in my opinion, would make the land have
a game called glider animal when you have a glider and you soar through the sky,collecting gems and time bonuses along the way!and i would make a "pet supermarket"store where you could buy toys and more for your pets!it would be very rocky and have mountains,and i think the name should be...sendro...?or....well yeah that name is strange but ic ouldnt come up with anything else!comment with your opinion and JAM ON!


  1. It's going to be the crocodile in that land for sure, I always thought it would be A new land even before Appondale.
    Happy exploring!


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