Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekly triva JAMOUT!

Hey!So yeah i decided to make it today,and its about elephants!
1.Why do elephants like mud so much?(other than it cools them off)
2.what is the difference between an asian elephant and an african elephant?
thats all for today!(though i might add more :P)
bai!(you will get a prize from AJH prizes!)


  1. 1.)To help protect sensitive skin. It acts as a sunscreen and insects barrier.
    2.)African is larger and has larger ears. African has a dip in it's back. African has a smooth forehead while Asian has 2 humps on it's forehead. (There are a LOT more, like a LOT A LOT, but it's too much, I'm just gonna write these few...)

    There ya have it...-Neko
    (I am not sure if I get to participate or what, since I am a team member, lol, just say if I don't, I don't x3

  2. YEP!and you can pick a gift...aww man i still cant get on aj...ill remember that you get a prize and you can pick anything.if you want to see the den items of the prizes (some of them) go to AJHprize's den!


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