Sunday, October 16, 2011

I made a story!

Yeah,but i didnt make it about phantoms.i made it how greely came into jamma.Sorry!but whenever i made one with the phantoms,the next day it just seemed heres the story!P.S check my two posts below!!
 How Greely came into jamma

Chapter one-lost in the forest.
The yellow full moon finally poked ou of the sky and Greely,a young male wolf,howled at the
moon.His lonely song echoed through the deserted forest.For the first time in his life
greely was totally alone.Suddenly he heard foot steps trudging through the weeds of the
dense forest.The hair on his back went up in spiky patterns and he let out a low growl.
What was happening?

Shouts came from the forest and greely ran from the forest.But his movment made cracking
sounds because of dead leaves on the floor.Gunshots rang out and the ground seemed to
blow up  as greely darted through the woods.Then,without knowing it,he came to a dead end.
Huge boulders blocked his path.Greely sprang up,and dug his claws into the rock as small
pebbles fell from the boulders.A moment later another "BANG" sounded.Suddenly he felt a
sharp pain in his back,then a second later everything went black.

Greely felt as if he was floating on air as he was pulled through space.A strong voice
boomed through the darkness."This is your true destiny."the voice said."welcome, It said,
to Jamma.Greely  was blinded for a second by a flash of light,then he was in a rocky,
orange canyon.He found a cave where he still lives now.

The end!

Did'cha like it?huh?huh?COMMENT!

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