Friday, October 14, 2011


Well, there's new stuff in Aj, like..... Spider Masks, Frankie Masks, Demon Hats, WIZ HATS, and WITCH HATS! But... They're all for members except the Frankie Mask... I think there is new stuff in the CocoHut and places like that. There are some new den items, too! A headstone, and a Bowl of Candy! Also, around Jamaa you can find Bowls of Candy. Click it and you get a treat! .....The first time I clicked it...I got a lousy apple.. T^T
Haha XD

Enjoy the Halloween!

P.S. AnimalJam won't load on this computer, so I gotta use my small mini one.. -.-
It's annoying at times. I think I can't get on Aj because of all the new stuff and new people...
Oh, well! Bur-Bai! x3

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