Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hey, Jammers!

Today... is.... THE DAY....

....The day of the Penguins!!!! :D
But, they are only for members... so dissapointing.. :'(
Also, there's something new with the animal switcher. They put the frequently used animals in front. But, this is one thing I really hate: You can still recycle animals, but when you do you have to pay 1000 gems instead of getting the animal for free. Like Aj doesn't make us pay ENOUGH gems already!!!
Also, we have 2 new Jam-A-Grams. They're really cool!
Another dissapointment: they brought the clearance items back to Epic Wonders. AND they brought the Medusa masks and gloves back in Jam-Mart Clothing. Medusa masks were just here on Rare Monday, WHY WOULD THEY BRING IT BACK!?
AnimalJam gets on my nerves sometimes. Like now: When I log on, it says 'Login Error! Please reload and try again.' I haven't even been able to get on it this morning. So, until it comes back, I will be using djd999, my other account, wich sucks because I have like no friends on it.. Dx

Anyways, that's the news.

I WANT MY PENGUIN!!! Dx They are so cute.. x3


P.s. I got AnimalJam to work on NekoKitty, it just has a few bugs, so ya, I am using it and I ADORE my penguin! xD

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