Tuesday, July 5, 2011

oh boy..more glitches

im actually getting kinda tired of all these glitches!!!ITS NOT MY LAPTOP!
ok first of all.....

thats self explainable no den items nothing inside....but notice how i have 100\100 items....

and second...
yeah self explainitory again

lastly...yeah notice how im not in my july 4th outfit anymore but it still shows my outfit on the ''change your look'''s sorta mixed  up 2... i wasent wearing police hat and necklace with y outfit....again it is not my computer!comment if you have been have any glitches!


  1. Wow!!! Glitches are getting VERY VERY popular!! Too bad I can't get many to work. Oh but this happened to my friend--She came to my den and I had a lot of furniture, and when she came in she saw no furniture!! Strange....

  2. The outfit glitch happens to me ALL the time. And I think all of these glitches have to do with loading problems. Well, the den and clothing items do. But the outfit glitch means nothing, happens to everyone! Every day!


  3. I will give you a glich! If you have gliches like that, you can do this glich! change animals, and it says::::::: Do you want these two animals? And I click Yes! But it dose not do anything! My blog is: Please check it out! It's new!

  4. That glitch happens ALL THE TIME to me! Just Change one a your colors and then look at the change your outfit thingy! It USUALLY works for me! And another glitch that happens to me is i will be in my den, movin the furniture, and I can't move it! Yet ANOTHER one is I will try to move, and I can't. So I try to switch animals. All my animals are invisible and the names are all 'Princess Orangemountain'!

    Posted by cheese34

  5. ive had a trading glitch before where it showed only some of my stuff

    posted by jl10

  6. the gift thing happened to me too!

  7. Yep,but AJ is working on all these annoying glitches!Toodles!

  8. the trade glitch happens when you recycle or send your items before taking them off of trade.

  9. i had a glitch search me up as Wolfgirl0121 anyway when i went on my trade my trade it was there with a X through it and it wouldnt let meh click!

  10. Yeash I had all of those glitches happen to me it's just plain out weird.

  11. somebody got scammed...


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