Sunday, July 3, 2011


hellokitty2403 scammed by friends scarecrow!my friends username is skyler249!(or sometimes princessgirl5476)(the buddy of june)im going to find this scammer when shes online and try to talk to her
scammers can really make people sad..i feel bad for my friend...*sniffle*


  1. My friend toastygal was scammed by Jada4321... D:
    Oh, and check my latest post! It's about yours and my party!

  2. Thanks for making me buddy of the month! I would make you this week's buddy of the month, but... I already promised MagicalShyrabbit... Sorry for missing your party! I wasn't watching the time, and I have very bad memory... You will be the next buddy of the week, on the 12th of July!

  3. oh i was wondering why you didnt come
    no one came!except 4 greenfun!i always really thought that no one really liek or viewed my blog...

  4. Sorry again! I will probably miss my own party too... D:
    And I like your blog! No one came to my first party either... I don't think anyone will really come to my next one... But not all parties are perfect... ^^'
    But I can't wait for your next party! And I WON'T miss it this time!

  5. scammers and whatupmycheese makes me angry and sad..

  6. I have a friend who quit AJ becuase of Scammers!!!! I wrote in to AJ about scamming problems...I'll let you know when they write back!


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