Monday, September 19, 2011



Well I know this is off topic,but well i cant go on animal jam,and the only other author is nekokitty.but i will still be posting alot!the blog is still should still keep viewing-you might be missing out on ALOT!So i was just randomly researching and watching videos on megalodons.And i think that they MIGHT not be exctinct.thats just my opinon...Did you know more than 95% of the oceans are left unexplored?Some people have also caught TREMENDOUS sharks,about 10-15 meters.And i was looking on youtube and i saw this,MONSTER SHARK BITES GREAT WHITE IN HALF!And it was like literally TWO PEICES.and adult great white was bitten in half by a tremendous shark about twice its size.they beilived it was a young megalodon,and they have found FRESHLY LOST THAT is good evidence.LOOK!

they dont exactly look like theyve been lost 12 million years ago.heres some MORE pictures!they all seem real!

What do you think?


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